Queue Summary

The available queues and their associated limits are listed below for all of our HPC systems. The following tables list the queues in order of priority from highest to lowest. The Queue Name is the name of the queue as it appears on the systems. The Job Class is the class of jobs that may be run in that queue. Queues without a Job Class can run any class of jobs. Max Wall Clock Time is the maximum lifetime for any job running in a queue, and Max Cores per Job is the maximum number of cores that may be allocated to any single job in a given queue.

Queue Descriptions and Limits on Copper
Priority Queue
Max Wall
Clock Time
Max Cores
Per Job
Highest urgent Urgent 168 Hours 4,096 Designated urgent jobs by DoD HPCMP
Down arrow for decreasing priority test N/A 48 Hours N/A Staff-only testing
debug* Debug 1 Hour 512 User testing
high High 168 Hours 4,096 Designated high-priority jobs by Service/Agency
frontier Frontier 168 Hours 4,096 Frontier projects only
standard Standard 168 Hours 4,096 Normal priority jobs
transfer N/A 48 Hours 1 Data transfer for user jobs. Access to the long-term storage
Lowest background** Background 4 Hours 4,096 Unrestricted access - no allocation charge. Number of cores can be altered depending on the current system load.