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HPCMP ORS - REMINDER: Copper and Wiseman Decommission - 31 July 2020

Posted 05/07/2020


  • The Archive Server, Wiseman, will become read-only at 1000 Central Time on Monday, 11 May. Users will no longer be able to archive new data to tape.
  • We urge users to begin transferring important data from Copper and Wiseman onto another host. Please request help with staging if you have a large amount of data to retrieve from Wiseman.
  • Current Copper users with an active Onyx account will have their Wiseman data moved to Gold during the first week of September. These users do not need to transfer archive data offsite.

The HPCMP ORS announces the decommissioning of the Cray XE6m called Copper and its Archive Server called Wiseman. The schedule is as follows:

PBS will stop running jobs at 1700 Central Time on Friday, 31 July 2020.
User access will be disabled 1700 Central Time on Monday, 31 August 2020.

Users should be aware that all data located on Copper and Wiseman will be deleted on 1 September. Users are advised to make plans to transfer any data they wish to preserve beyond 31 August. Copper data should *NOT* be transferred to $ARCHIVE_HOME because Wiseman will not be accessible after 31 August.

We would like to remind users that large data sets may require hours to days to transfer. Users should begin moving data well before the 31 August deadline.

If you have any questions/comments, please direct them to the HPC Help Desk at